Heat pump system - system's overview and measurement data

(Last changed: 2019-09-27.)

This PDF has been the documentation of our 'pilot' system's performance between 2012 and 2018:
[ ► PDF Documentation of Measurement Data 2012-2018 ] Yearly and monthly overviews of key performance data - energies - temperatures, diagrams of daily changes, and an overview of the system's specification / configuration data. Performance data of the system under real-life conditions.

The system is run under real-live conditions - typical for the gradual 'evolution' of an old building that is renovated step-by-step. E.g. radiators in part of the building.)

[ ► PDF Heat Pump System LEO_2: Overview on hydraulic design and components ] Summary PDF, 1 page.

Performance data heat pump system LEO_2 (water/ice tank, solar/air collector): performance factors, heating energies incl. hot water, electrical energies