punktwissen: Elke Stangl and Sigi Proyer - physicists and professional tinkerers.

Freely programmable control units UVR1611 and UVR16x2: Control and Monitoring of heat pump systems.

We program controllers by Technische Alternative for heating/solar systems. Speciality: Analysis of existing control systems and migration to UVR16x2. As IT freaks we support with monitoring, data analysis, and secure integration with the 'internet of things'.

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Unglazed solar/air collector, optimizing energy harvest from ambient air in winter - second part of the heat source, in addition to the ice/water tank. 
		Ribbed pipes on larch wood supporting construction. Heat Pump System LEO_2

We support do-it-yourself-ers with building a tailor-made heat pump system, and we program the system's bespoke control unit. Focus: Renovation, re-use of existing components.

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punktwissen: Knowledge to the point!

punktwissen means: Technical information and vendor-agnostic consulting boiled down to the essentials. We believe it is imperative that you know and understand your systems in order to make informed decisions. Control logic must not be tucked away in a black-box.

punktwissen also means: Support at the neuralgic points of a project - when and only to the extent it is really needed.

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