punktwissen Proyer & Stangl OG has been founded in 2005 as IT consultancy. Since 2012 we focus on heat pump systems, monitoring, and control.

Elke Stangl
'Science Officer'

Research, state-of-the-art, modeling and simulations, theory, economic aspects and legal compliance, computer networks, IT security, protocol analysis.
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Elke Stangl und Sigi Proyer, photo: elkemental selfie

Sigi Proyer
'Chief Engineer'

Gathering requirements on-site, systems and hydraulics design, site supervision and project management, hands-on support, co-ordination of contractors, systems monitoring, programming control units. [ ► Dr. Siegfried Proyer ]

1987 - 1996: Degree program in Applied Physics. Research and Development at the University of Linz and the Austrian Research Centers in Seibersdorf (Austria): Laser physics, materials sciences, development of experimental setups and optimization of manufacturing and measurement processes. Contract research for industry, development of theoretical models.

1997 – 2005: Technical consulting, quality management and project management in the IT sector and pharmaceutical manufacturing. We became 'Trusted Advisors' to our customers - juggling technical requirements, corporate politics and budget constraints.

2005: Living the travelling project nomad lifestyle we have mainly worked with international enterprise customers. Specialties: IT in pharmaceutical manufacturing and IT security / Public Key Infrastructure.

2009: Acquisition of a license to work as Consulting Engineers in Applied Physics, concerned with topics at intersections of physics and IT (such as chip cards). 

2010: Planning and modeling of our heat pump pilot system (LEO_1). Our goal: to provide more energy autonomy to an existing old building while avoiding major construction measures.

2011: Installation and start-up of the pilot system LEO_1. Enrolment in master's degree program Sustainable Energy Systems at the University of Applied Sciences Pinkafeld (Elke).

2012: Since autumn 2012 the heat pump system LEO_2 has been up and running. Development of service offerings targeted to private persons and small businesses.

2013: Elke has completed her degree program - master thesis on smart metering and security. Re-definition of IT services.

2014: The first LEO_2 client system goes live and 'remote-only' projects with customers in Germany have been started.

2015: The first water/ice tank is built by a remote-only client, using our instructions.

2017: Finally we have something to tag with 'What our clients say...' - albeit its charm might be lost in translation (from German): Independence Day: Story of a bold DIY enthusiast building his ice storage heat pump system with us.


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