punktwissen Proyer & Stangl OG has been founded in 2005 as IT consultancy. Since ~2012 we have been programming control systems and designing heat pump systems with uncommon heat sources, as consulting engineers in applied physics.

Elke Stangl  'Science Officer'
Software development,
data analysis,
numerical simulations,
'Data Kraken',
systems' sizing tools,
computer networks,
IT security,
'reverse engineering'.
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Elke Stangl und Sigi Proyer, photo: elkemental selfie

Sigi Proyer 'Chief Engineer'
Requirements analysis,
systems' design / concepts,
hydraulics and control,
optimization heating / solar,
control systems detective,
control programming UVR16x2
systems' start-up support,
remote support.
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Roots in science and research:

1987-1992: Degree program in Applied Physics at the University of Linz (AT): Laser physics, optics, superconductors.

1992-1995: Research/PhD: Pulsed-laser deposition of superconducting thin films, Excimer UV lasers, vacuum tech, optimization of manufacturing/measurement processes, design of experimental setups, programming control units.

1996-1997: Austrian Research Centers in Seibersdorf (AT): Contract research for industry, materials science, automation.

'Apprenticeship' - learning IT on the job:

1998-2001 ES: Freelance IT consultant, then manager IT infrastructure at Austrian Research Centers.

2001-2005 ES: Consultant bat Microsoft Österreich. IT security, Public Key Infrastructure, Active Directory.

1998-2001 SP: Trainee Octapharma Vienna, analysis of production processes, Pharma IT systems, automation/SCADA.

2001-2005 SP: Head quality management/IT Octapharma, Manufacturing Execution System - internationional sites.


Since 2006: IT consulting for enterprise clients, travelling project nomads. Specialties: IT in pharmaceutical manufacturing and IT security / Public Key Infrastructure.  'Trusted Advisors' to our customers - juggling technical requirements, corporate politics and budget constraints.

2010-2012: Stealth 'research' project: Planning / simulating / building an ice storage eat pump pilot system. LEO_1) goes live in 2011, Elke Stangl starts master's degree program Sustainable Energy Systems. Since autumn 2012 the heat pump system LEO_2 has been up and running.

2012-2014: Development of new service offerings: Heat pump systems planning. Elke has completed her degree program - master thesis on smart metering and security. Re-definition of IT services - focus on control systems and data analysis. The first LEO_2 client system goes live in 2014.

2015-now: Focus on remote-only projects / bespoke control programming. In 2015 the first water/ice tank is built by a remote-only client. Fortunately our ambitious clients prevent any 'standardization'. punktwissen speciality: 'Control systems detective' and 'reverse engineer' for hydraulics and control - not only for heat pump systems.


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