About Us: Elke Stangl and Sigi Proyer

(Last changed: 2019-09-27.)

punktwissen is an Austrian engineering consultancy: Two physicists tinkering with control systems, heat pumps, computers, and networks.

Elke Stangl and Sigi Proyer have studied Applied Physics and worked together in R&D - optimizing superconducting thin films and stainless steel materials.

They pursued careers in IT consulting and management - based on these experiences punktwissen Proyer & Stangl OG was founded in 2005. The specialties were IT security and IT in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Elke Stangl und Sigi Proyer. © / AKA The Settlers

Since 2012 punktwissen has been also an engineering consultancy. They have designed heat pump systems with uncommon heat sources, and they have been programming control systems for heating/solar systems.

Thumbnail: Dr. Siegfried Proyer

Dr. Siegfried Proyer (2005-11-30) 📌

Physicist, 'Chief Engineer', Tinkerer, DIY Enthusiast, Artisan.

Thumbnail: Dr. Elke Stangl

Dr. Elke Stangl (2005-11-30) 📌

Physicist, Engineer, 'Science Officer', 'Hacker', Software Developer.

Thumbnail: Travelling Like Spam Poetry

Travelling Like Spam Poetry (2015-08-01)

How spam poetry actually started - doing it in real-live instead of writing it. In 2005 The Chief Engineer and I visited more than 100 villages whose names started with letter Z. This trip finally became our company's Founding Myth.

Thumbnail: Being Creative with What Is Available

Being Creative with What Is Available (2014-11-27)

Build something from anything and to use whatever tool is at hand! Refers to anything we ever did or built - in the physics lab, as software developers, on designing the heat pump system.