punktwissen Proyer & Stangl OG has been founded in 2005 as IT consultancy. Since ~2012 we have been programming control systems and designing heat pump systems with uncommon heat sources, as consulting engineers in applied physics.

Elke Stangl and Sigi Proyer. © Die Siedler, 2018

Sigi Proyer 'Chief Engineer'
Systems' design - hydraulics and control,
control programming UVR16x2, optimization,
systems' start-up support, remote support.

Elke Stangl  'Science Officer'
Software development, data analysis,
simulations, systems' sizing tools,
IT security, 'reverse engineering'.

Roots in science and research:

1987-1992: Degree program in Applied Physics at the University of Linz (AT): Laser physics, optics, superconductors.

1992-1995: Research/PhD: Pulsed-laser deposition of superconducting thin films, Excimer UV lasers, vacuum tech, optimization of manufacturing/measurement processes, design of experimental setups, programming control units.

1996-1997: Austrian Research Centers in Seibersdorf (AT): Contract research for industry, materials science, automation.

'Apprenticeship' - learning IT on the job:

1998-2001 ES: Freelance IT consultant, then manager IT infrastructure at Austrian Research Centers.

2001-2005 ES: Consultant bat Microsoft Österreich. IT security, Public Key Infrastructure, Active Directory.

1998-2001 SP: Trainee Octapharma Vienna, analysis of production processes, Pharma IT systems, automation/SCADA.

2001-2005 SP: Head quality management/IT Octapharma, Manufacturing Execution System - international sites.


Since 2006: IT consulting for enterprise clients, travelling project nomads. Specialties: IT in pharmaceutical manufacturing and IT security / Public Key Infrastructure.  'Trusted Advisors' to our customers - juggling technical requirements, corporate politics and budget constraints.

2010-2012: Stealth 'research' project: Planning / simulating / building an ice storage eat pump pilot system. LEO_1) goes live in 2011, Elke Stangl starts master's degree program Sustainable Energy Systems. Since autumn 2012 the heat pump system LEO_2 has been up and running.

2012-2014: Development of new service offerings: Heat pump systems planning. Elke has completed her degree program - master thesis on smart metering and security. Re-definition of IT services - focus on control systems and data analysis. The first LEO_2 client system goes live in 2014.

2015-now: Focus on remote-only projects / bespoke control programming. In 2015 the first water/ice tank is built by a remote-only client. Fortunately our ambitious clients prevent any 'standardization'. punktwissen speciality: 'Control systems detective' and 'reverse engineer' for hydraulics and control - not only for heat pump systems.

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punktwissen Proyer & Stangl OG, Zagersdorf, Austria
Consulting Engineers in Applied Physics and IT Consultants

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