punktwissen is an artificial German word made up of 'punkt' (point) and 'wissen' (knowledge), indicating:

  • Getting to the point and boiling down knowledge to the essential information.
  • Focusing on the neuralgic points and thus minimize your investment in our services. We aim at making ourselves redundant

Pinpoint attack by wise Snow Owl. Wikimedia, Free Use: Snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) From the Quebec government website.

Our way of working is based on theses principles:

  • We help clients to help themselves via bespoke consulting and bootcamp-style intense know-how transfer.
  • We prefer the efficient use of existing resources and components. Thus we focus on continuous optimization and renovation.
  • We don't sell products, but we help clients with purchasing cost-effective commercial solutions.
  • We don't pay for leads but we endorse others for free if we like their work.
  • As vendor-agnostic consultants we work with and for the end client. If needed, we act as intermediaries in communications with other vendors and contractors.
  • We provide extensive documentation, but nonetheless our motto is 'Just as much compliance and security as needed'.
  • We consider ourselves as craftspeople with solid hands-on experience, scrutinizing 'visionary' buzz-words.
  • Our project partners appreciate our down-to-earth approach combining no-nonsense sobriety and a handful of humour. Also as (project) managers we act as team members in a team of peers.

Polarfuchs Tiergarten Worms 2011

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