For monitoring, control, and troubleshooting of heating / solar systems we use the freely programmable universal controllers UVR1611 and UVR16x2 by Technische Alternative GmbH. Specialty: Researching and 'reverse engineering' of existing control units, and step-by-step implementation of the new control system - in a nearly remote-only project.

We develop tailor-made control concepts, program the control units, and optimize control parameters based on real-time measurement data.

Measurement data, software Winsol

Review, troubleshooting, and documentation. We investigate and analyze existing heating systems and their control units - typically combinations of several heating systems / solar systems using several buffer tanks and complex hydraulics. Often documentation does not exist or is insufficient: We create a hydraulic schematic, an overview of sensors and actuators, and a description of functions / control logic.

If systems do not work as expected, we search for the root cause: Testing functions with the system owner, analyzing monitoring data, reviewing documentation if possible. Many problems can be solved by tuning control parameters - without making changes to control logic or hydraulic design. As an option, we make changes immediately after analysis.

Freely programmable control unit UVR1611

Control Concept and IT Setup. Having analyzed your requirements and hydraulic schematic of an existing or planned system we develop the control concept, describing required components, changes to hydraulics and wiring, and changes to functions of possibly existing UVR1611 / UVR16x2.

We support clients with procurement and installation of the control unit and sensors, and we provide detailed instructions for electricians (Positions of sensors, wiring diagram) or your IT administrator (networking configuration). We figure out how to add and program new components step-by-step in a way that keeps downtime to a minimum.

Programming the control unit (Technische Alternative, TAPPS)

Control Logic - Programming. Based on this control concept we provide custom programming (functional data) for the new or existing UVR1611 / UVR16x2 controllers. We also offer to update and change the programming of existing UVR installations.

We deliver very detailed documentation tailored to your system. Our solutions aren't black-boxes that can only be maintained by ourselves: The system owner is given full (expert-level) access control.

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Custom Online visualization

Start-up support, monitoring and optimization. We provide a checklist for putting the control system into operation, we check the system's state (inputs and outputs working as expected) immediately before start-up, and we support the system owner during start-up (Setting control parameters, support with troubleshooting if needed). The system is closely monitored in the first days after start-up (remote data logging).

Then we monitor your system during a defined period, e.g. one year, and fine-tune parameters gradually - in a well-documented and transparent way. The owner is given advice on using the system most efficiently: Changes of devices' configurations, location of sensors and critical parameters can reduce power consumption and costs without modifying the mechanical layout or hydraulic design.

Using C.M.I. by Technische Alternative we turn your hydraulic schematic and list of sensors into a dynamic online visualization. This allows for checking the system's state at a glance.

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