For monitoring, control, and troubleshooting of heating / solar systems we use the freely programmable universal controllers UVR1611 and UVR16x2 by Technische Alternative GmbH.

We develop tailor-made control concepts, program the control units giving full expert access to the owner), and optimize control parameters based on real-time measurement data.

Specialties: Researching and 'reverse engineering' of existing control units, system's start-up support - and providing consulting, support, and detailed documentation for both control logic and hydraulic setup.

Blog articles:

Modbus Server on Raspberry Pi as Babelfish for UVR16x2 (2019-01-18)
How to log basically anything with CMI / UVR16x2. As the CMI has a Modbus interface it can log data from a Modbus server running on Raspberry Pi, and this Modbus server can forward data from other loggers as a 'protocol translator' and provide values derived from calculations, or it can serve up the result of any calculation as a Modbus register value.

A Color Box. Lost in Translation (2018-11-18)
The control system was turned upset down again and the Data Kraken was looking at its entangled tentacles, utterly confused.

Where Are the Files? [Winsol – UVR16x2] (2018-05-28)
A little bit of reverse engineering to find out where log files (retrieved from the data logger CMI) may be stored. The question was more interesting than expected – I learned something about Windows security!

Logging Fun with UVR16x2: Photovoltaic Generator – Modbus – CAN Bus (2018-04-24)
Playing with Modbus inputs on the Control and Monitoring Interface of the UVR16x2 controller (and corresponding settings at the Fronius Symo inverter) – step-by-step description.

My Data Kraken – a Shapeshifter. (2016-12-22)
Answer to the question: How do you analyze and consolidate your logging data? What is the biggest challenge? It’s the ongoing change of the ‘database schema’: New sensors, shuffled columns in log files, new calculated values…

Hacking My Heat Pump – Part 2: Logging Energy Values (2016-08-24)
Connecting Raspberry Pi CAN bus logger to the Stiebel-Eltron heat pump and querying for temperature and energy values. Network traces and details of CAN frames, and automation of logging.

Hacking My Heat Pump – Part 1: CAN Bus Testing with UVR1611. (2016-08-03)
Extending logging infrastructure – automating reading off our heat pump’s internal energy meter by using Raspberry Pi as monitoring device. Before connecting to the heat pump hardware and software is set up and tested with a CAN bus I am familiar with.

First Year of Rooftop Solar Power and Heat Pump: Re-Visiting Economics. (2016-06-22)
Consolidated data from PV inverter’s logger, smart meter(s) and heat pump monitoring and control: Energy ‘generated’ by the PV panels, fed into the grid or supplied from grid, consumption in the house and by the heat pump in particular. 30% of total energy consumption was provided directly by the PV generator (no battery).

Alien Energy (2016-04-15)
Our photovoltaic generator is up and running for nearly a year. In this post I analyze the most remarkable day – as per our data logging, when we got nearly the generator’s rated power in mid-winter. Re-visiting the impact of temperature on output power, and the 'focusing' / 'edge of clouds' effect.

Half a Year of Solar Power and Smart Metering. (2015-12-07)
Daily and monthly balances of electrical energy, showing the amount of energy used by the heat pump's compressor versus energy consumed by appliances and control.

The Impact of Ambient Temperature on the Output Power of Solar Panels (2015-11-13)
Verified by analyzing our monitoring data - combining logging from our heat pump's control unit (UVR1611) and the PV inverter's logging.

Solar Power: Some Data for the First Month (2015-06-17)
Figures and numbers from our PV generator's logging: Combining daily energy balances with data from our power meter, and tracking intermittent short and very high power spikes by parsing the inverter logger's website.

Watching TV Is Dangerous (2015-05-07)
Data logger BL-NET is silenced by an IP-TV in the same LAN; solution: Put the logger in its private subnet.

Data Logging with UVR1611 - FAQ (2015-03-18)
What I would have wanted to read when I once made myself familiar with the freely programmable controller. This post is a response to some 'FAQ'.

Google and Heating Systems (2) (2014-11-15)
How things (in the Internet of Things) phone home and/or are accessed directly from the internet. Sometimes anonymously to my shock.

For an overview of all control and IT related articles see this overview page on the blog. Even more details are available on our German blog.

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