Since more than 20 years we have provided IT services to large corporations as well as small businesses. Our specialties are networking security, networking protocols, related troubleshooting of  interfaces - and software development for the analysis of measurement data and automation. 

Network trace of Samsung Bluray player, trying to call the mothership

Computer networks and security. We test and review of hardware and software, analyzing security, reliability, interoperability, upsides and downsides - and how features compare to requirements.

We investigate network communication issues via 'Reverse Engineering', dig into existing monitoring data and vendors' documentation. If needed we act as intermediaries in discussing issues with suppliers. 

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Software, scripts, data analysis. We support with consolidating data dumps and with compiling useful technical performance indicators. A lot can be done by utlizing tools you already have, like Microsoft Excel or Powershell. We combine efficient delivery - 'the script quickly hacked together' - with detailed documentation.

We don't sell black-box-style computer code, but we deliver consulting, guidance, and 'help to your yourself' on top - or as an alternative to - programming services. You should be able to know the inner workings of your system, and to build on our know-how to maintain and extend it yourself.

As physicists and engineers we can support particularly with calculations related to heat transfer and energy storage; as IT consultants we automate security tests or the management of digital certificates.

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Digital Certificate (X.509)

Public Key Infrastructure and digital certificates. Review and migration of Windows PKIs - based on our experience with versions NT / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016, and troubleshooting of certificate validation - also for exotic applications.

Applications: Data encryption and digital signatures. A digital certificate is the counterpart of an identification badge: The owner possesses a pair of cryptographic keys; the private key can e.g. be stored on a chip card. The public key is part of the published certificate which is signed by a trusted certification authority.

Our speciality: Troubleshooting of the validation of convoluted X.509 certificate paths, and support of Windows PKIs (2000 / 2003 / 2008 / 2012 / 2016).

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Manufacturing Execution System: Dialogue Weighing System

Pharma IT - Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Analysis of business processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing and mapping of those processes onto the design of IT systems - as an intermediary between production, quality management and software development, based on more than 20 years of experience.

A MES supports: Manufacturing control, control of material flow, production planning, master batch records, electronic batch recording, warehouse management, management of quality status, batch and material tracking.

We support the internal project team with project planning, analysis of requirements, evaluation of products and suppliers - and we lend a hand in critical phases of projects! 

[ ►  Overview on pharma IT services - PDF - 1 page Pharma Services Details ] .

Classical small business (probably out of business now)

IT services for small businesses - pragmatic compliance. Also private persons and small businesses have to deal with the increasing complexity of IT-related requirements by governmental agencies or large suppliers. On the other hand, new services offerings are announced every days: Cloud services, e-Government, e-Invoicing, social networks, convergence of building technology and computer networks.

We are also a small business that has met such challenges successfully since many years, and we draw on long-term experience with pragmatic implementation of tough standards in a strictly regulated industry sector. We support you with evaluation of new requirements, restrictions, and opportunities - in terms of 'coaching to the point' as needed.

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