Detailed answers to technical questions have been answered on our blogs punktwissen (German) and elkemental Force - here we are replying to general questions:

Universal Controller UVR16x2 and Rasperry Pi

On Control and IT:

Why have you picked UVR1611/UVR16x2? Are you also working with control systems by other vendors?

UVR controllers are versatile re the inputs and outputs required for heating systems. They represent a good trade-off between 'freely programmable' and 'supported by a vendor'. Our clients get an open system, not a blackbox. We analyze different type of control units - the goal is usually to replace them with or to integrate them with an UVR.

Your IT services are very ... uhm .... interesting and diverse. What's the big picture?

We are always working with other tinkerers - technical experts. Doing control systems forensics with an ambitious home owner is very similar to working with IT security specialists at a large company. It's always knowledge transfer 'to the point', help to help yourself, and we mainly work remote.

Wärmepumpensystem LEO - Anlagenschema

On the heat pump system

Are you selling this system (LEO_2)?

LEO_2 is not a 'product' that is sold as a full package, but we provide consulting and support with a bespoke design. We offer project support and 'knowledge to the point' - from planning to start-up, and we program the control unit tailored to the system.

Who is the target group? Who is typically choosing this system?

Tech-savvy Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts, especially home owners renovating an existing building with a cellar or other cavity to be repurposed as a water/ice storage tank. The system is well-suited for samller premises, greater required heating energy, or when other heat sources are not feasible.

punktwissen AKA 'The Settlers'

On punktwissen in general.

What do you mean by 'Physicists and Professional Tinkerers'?

Tinkering is: To ferret out how something works in detail - and to use these insights to guild a creative solutions, ideally from existing components! As MacGyver did! Years ago we have tinkered with experiments in the lab as scientist. Today we support other tinkerers with their projects.

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