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We support home owners with building custom heat pump systems that utilize 'unconventional'  heat sources. The heat pump system LEO_2 developed by punktwissen utilizes a water tank (Ice Storage) and an unglazed solar collector (Energy Fence) as a combined heat source.

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Our specialties:

  • Fixed price work packages to be ordered individually, or 'coaching to the point' based on time.
  • Delivering complete projects 'remote only' (E-Mail, Skype, Teamviewer, or Dropbox) and meticulous documentation.
  • Detailed analysis of existing systems - aiming at re-using and integrating also uncommon components.
  • Programming of the control unit, tailoired to the specific system and full control access for the owner.

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Survey and inventory

Inventory and feasibility. Each client's system is based on a design tailored to actual requirements.

We start with an onsite or online meeting. Based on our checklist we review pre-requisites and required information, such as energy demands or potential locations of tank and collector. Based on this first assessment we let you know if this heat pump system is viable in your case.

Planning - simplified design

System Concept. The bespoke concept gives an overview on the system and comprises the hydraulic schema and outlines. Existing heating systems, heat storages, or solar thermal systems are taken into account.

We plan for the hydraulic design, runing of cables, control and ongoing monitoring. punktwissen know-how is needed for proper sizing and setup of the heat source.

If you do not plan to implement a heat pump system right now, we offer a long-term roadmap and a step-by-step plan for gradual adaption of the existing system.

Some components needed to build the heat exchanger

Bills of Material and Procurement. We recommend economical commercial products and provide very detailed 'shopping lists' - allowing clients to purchase material themselves and at attractive prices.

Solar collektor

Detailed Design and Implementation. Detailed planning, procurement, and building the system are partly done in parallel. Step-by-step ice/water tank and solar collector are being built, and piping is installed.

We provide detailed guidelines for Do-It-Yourself builders and/or for contractors. Since the system is based on off-the-shelf components we encourage and support DIY enthusiasts to minimize construction costs by contributing to the implementation of solar collector and water tank.

[ ► Blog article on building the solar collector and the heat exchanger in the tank ]

Programming the control system: UVR1611, TAPPS

Programming the control system. We utilize the freely programmable controls UVR1611 / UVR16x2 by Technische Alternative GmbH plus its remote management system CMI .

As IT service provider we deliver the control unit, the functional data, and a detailed manual. We also integrate the system with your computer network and evaluate the overall system's security.

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Putting the system into operation. We provide detailed training, check pre-requisites, and finally start up the system together with you. You are given a detailed report.

Data logging UVR1611 / CMI, client's system, heat pump system LEO_2

Optimization and service. We monitor your system remotely during the first year of operations and provide advice on improvements. This service can also be extended - to regular remote checks, 'Q&A', and data analysis.

[ ► Blog article on our 'Data Kraken' = software for analysis of measurement data ]

Details of pipework

Concise documentation is our hallmark: We provide detailed how-to's, bills of materials, manuals, and implementation reports.

You might get an idea about our documentation style from the PDF documents linked at the download page or our technical blog articles.

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