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We support tech-savvy home owners with planning and building their custom heat pump system. The design is based on our system that uses a water tank and a ribbed pipe collector (Overview, measurement data.)

  • Work packages / 'coaching to the point' - not a standardized product.
  • Focus on renovation, re-use and integration of existing uncommon components.
  • Delivering complete projects 'remote only'.
  • Programming of the control unit (UVR16x2) - providing full control access to the owner.

Survey and inventory

Inventory - planning - creative re-use. We start with an online meeting: Based on our checklist we review pre-requisites and required information, such as energy demands or potential locations of tank and collector. Our goal is to re-purpose existing components and turn them into the heat source. We investigate existing control systems und plan to integrate them step-by-step or replace them.

Example: An abandoned swimming pool was turned into the ice storage source, and an existing solar thermal collector was modified to allow for better heat transfer to air. Several existing water tanks were re-purposed and hydraulic connections changed. A new UVR16x2 controller was added, the solar control RESOL was retired, and most of the existing UVR1611 control's functions were transferred to UVR16x2 (German blog post)

Planning - simplified design

System Concept. The bespoke concept gives an overview on the system: Hydraulic schema, floor plans, wiring and piping. Existing heating systems, heat storages, or solar thermal systems are taken into account.

We summarize the results of our system's sizing calculations - size of tank and collector, typical expected performance factors, and yearly volume of ice - and we give an overview on the design of the ribbed pipes heat exchanger in the tank and the collector.

The control concept lists all required control components, sensors, actuators, and how the system would be integrated with the computer network and other control systems.

Example: The concept for an ice storage heat pump system for a client 100s of km away (existing cistern, house on high-rise WW II bunker) is developed by punktwissen in Austria and delivered and discussed only online (German blog post).

Some components needed to build the heat exchanger

Detailed manuals for construction, piping, and wiring. Step-by-step we provide schematics, figures, and bills of materials in parallel to the construction project: Hydraulic design of the brine circuit, DIY build of heat exchangers, setup of all components in the boiler room, wiring of the control unit. 

Example: Schematics and diagrams of hydraulic components, using special symbols created by The Chief Engineer - German blog post.

Solar collektor

Support during implementation. Detailed planning, procurement, and building the system are partly done in parallel. Step-by-step ice/water tank and solar collector are being built, and piping is installed.

We provide detailed guidelines for Do-It-Yourself builders and/or brief them for discussions with contractors. 

[ ► Building the solar collector and the heat exchanger in the tank ]

More examples in German blog posts: Photos of the ice storage system built by client - re-use of a cistern, usage of a combination of two tanks - one being a plastic tank equipped with re-purposed toys as supporting construction for the heat exchanger.


Programming the control system: UVR1611, TAPPS

Programming the control system. We utilize the freely programmable controls UVR1611 / UVR16x2 by Technische Alternative GmbH plus its remote management system CMI . Existing controller by other vendors are integrated if desired and feasible; existing UVRs are re-programmed step-by-step.

We provide bespoke functional data for the controller(s) und give the owner full 'expert' access control. Detailed documentation of the control logic - and thus of the functions of the whole system - is our hallmark.

Example: Step-by-step modification of the control system as part of the construction / re-build project - German blog post.

As IT service provider we support with integrating the controller with the computer network, with IT security, and with data analysis. We also 'coach' users who aspire to program the controller themselves.


Putting the system into operation. We provide detailed training, check pre-requisites, and finally start up the system together with you. You are given a detailed report. In the first phase of operations we monitor the system closely.

Example: The start-up support is delivered remotely - tackling last challenges posed by a Chinese heat pump - German blog post.

Data logging UVR1611 / CMI, client's system, heat pump system LEO_2

Optimization and troubleshooting. We monitor your system remotely during several months, and we provide advice on improvements, on adjustments of control parameters or on hydraulic changes. Potential problems are spotted early, and we provide guidance for making required changed.

[ ► Software for analysis of measurement data - 'Data Kraken' ]

Example: Enigmatic hydraulic effects (the interplay of several buffer tanks and existing hydraulics) are tracked down and resolved - using remote monitoring and tests - German blog post.

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