Irgendwer - Somebody Doing Anything Nobody Wants to Do (AKA: Dr. Sigi Proyer)

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.
Siegfried Proyer

Physicist. 'Chief Engineer'.

Blog: Professionelle T├╝ftler - Rastlose Siedler (German)

Married to Dr. Elke Stangl.

Since 2006 Consulting Engineer at punktwissen: Planning of  'ice storage' powered heat pumps. Tinkering with unconvential heat sources and custom control logic. Hydraulic design, measurement engineering, programming of UVR1611 / UVR16x2. Monitoring and optimization, Project coaching and remote support 'to the point'. Documentation, pragmatic quality assurance. For long-term clients: Consultant Pharma IT: Manufacturing Execution Systems, traceability, computer systems validation. 2006-2012 also Subcontractor of Werum Software and Systems, MES PAS-X.

2003-2005 Head of Department IT Systems & QM at Octapharma Vienna Development of corporate QM IT guidelines, MES implementation at international production sites. Processes in manufacturing of blood plasma derivatives, liquida, tablets. Logistics, supply chain management, material flow, goods receipt, storage, single donation control, plasma fractionation, weighing and dispensing, manufacturing execution, packaging, shipping. Responsible for a team of 4 IT specialists.

2001-2003 Head of Department Quality Management IT at Octapharma Development of QM for IT systems for the Vienna site. Requirements analysis, specification and validation of IT systems (GAMP, 21CFR Part 11, FDA), development of Standard Operating procedures. 2 direct reports. Setup of QM IT department.

2001 IT Manager for Manufacturing Division at Octapharma Vienna. Implementation of a Manufacturing Execution System for manufacturing of blood plasma derivates.

1998-2001 Trainee in Manufacturing Division at Octapharma Vienna. Analysis of processes in logistics and manufacturing, pharma IT systems support and design. Automation: SPS, SCADA.

1997-1998 Scientist and Project Manager: Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf, Division Materials Research. Contract research for steel industry, micro-structural analysis and optimization of steel microstructure, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, image analysis. EU and national projects.

1996-1997 Contract Researcher at the Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf, Division Materials Research. Research project: Development of a setup for measuring materials' optical  properties, automation.

1992-1996 Scientist at the University of Linz, Department of Applied Physics. Laser patterning of high temperature superconducting thin films. Development of experimental setups for pulsed laser deposition and automated measurements of electrical resistance and critical current at low-temperatures. Y-Ba-Cu-O, electron microscopy, vacuum technology, Excimer lasers, automation and control, photolithography. National and EU R&D projects. Summer 1992: Visit at NKT Research Center, Copenhagen, DK. Characterization of high-temperature superconductors. Publications.

1990-1995 Lecturer at University of Linz. Lectures, labs, problem solving classes, tutorials: Fundamentals of physics, modern optics, high temperature superconductivity, laser material processing. Supervision of diploma students.

1996 Promotion Sub Auspiciis Praesidentis Rei Publicae Special honors, by the president of Austria.

1992-1995 PhD Studies, Doctorate in Technical Sciences Thesis: 'Pulsed-Laser Deposition of High Temperature Superconducting Thin Films - Fundamentals and Technology'. 1995 Doctoral examinations with distinction. 1996 Award for exceptional achievements by the Austrian Ministry of Science.

1987-1992 Master's degree progamme Technical Physics. Johannes Kepler University of Linz. Focus: solid state physics, laser physics, optics, high temperature superconductivity, gas dynamics. 1991 Master thesis at the Department for Applied Physics - 'Patterning of Thin Films of the High Temperature Superconductors YBCO and BISCO' (in German). Final exams with distinction. 1992 Award for exceptional achievements by the Austrian Ministry of Science.

1986-1987 Military service One year volunteer's training for military officers, Lieutenant (1990).

1980-1986 Bundesrealgymnasium Hamerlingstra├če. (High school) Final exam with distinction. Focus on natural sciences.

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